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ELEGANT WineGuard Singles BRAND ADD-ON (Small Logo on Screen)

+ BRANDING SET-UP FEE - A $60.00 Set-up Fee applies on first time branding orders. If applicable, please purchase this item along with your product and laser marking.
+ TEST SAMPLE (Optional) - A $25.00 Branding Test Sample is available for all branded products.

- Laser Mark your Elegant WineGuard Singles on the Screen with a Short Logo
- This is a nice stand alone brand and is less expensive if you don't brand on the rim as well
- This is a highly visible branding location for WineGuards used in tasting rooms, sold in Single Sleeves or stored in a WineGuard 4-Stand

Please click on the branding link above for more information about our branding process. Upon order, please complete the Branding Order Form and email it to

Volume discounts apply to products only. Laser Marking pricing is determined by time. Pricing for branding locations has been predetermined.

Wineries who purchase Branded WineGuard Singles will be enrolled in the WineGuard Collection Program. Your WineGuard Singles will come in WineGuard Collection Sleeves and you will be added to the WineGuard Route. The is a one if a kind marketing program that enables visitors to collect a branded WineGuard from each of their favourite wineries. WineGuards are a unique and useful souvenir. Each winery becomes a drink marker. No matter whose wine is in their glass, your winery name will always be on top!

If several wineries along your Wine Trail join the WineGuard® Route, visitors can collect WineGuards from participating wineries and use them as drink markers. You can also sell your visitors a stand that holds 4 so they can collect and make a set.

Wineries - join the WineGuard® Route today by simply purchasing a 40 Pack of Elegant WineGuard Singles in Sleeves + (Laser Marking) + (Set-up).