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CASUAL PATIO WineGuard Sets (Case of 12)

The Casual WineGuard® is a multi-purpose wine glass cover. It has a strong, circular, stainless steel, food grade mesh screen, enforced by a stainless steel rim. It sits on top of your wine glass as a protective shield! It not only protects your wine from fruit flies, bugs and other air borne nuisances, it allows your wine to breathe. Each has a removable colour silicone rim to use as a drink marker. The Patio rim colours are bright red, green, purple and yellow.

- There are 4 Casual WineGuards with PATIO rim colours plus a stand in each set
- There are 12 Sets in each Case
- The Casual WineGuard PATIO Set UPC is 627843309659
- Volume purchases are for retail sale as well as membership or customer gifts