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WineGuard Single BRANDED (Test Sample) Photo Emailed


Laser Marking creates a permanent brand onto stainless steel WineGuards so it's important to know your logo or text will look good. Our Branding Proofs provide a very realistic mock-up of your branding design. Most of our customers are satisfied with the proof process and find their finished products look the same.

If you feel more comfortable seeing a sample prior to placing your order, we recommend you purchase a Test Sample for $25.00. We will email you a photo of the finished product. A Test Sample is often good for Screen Initials or Screen Logos. If the logo or initials have any delicate components, they sometimes disappear on the screen. If you haven't ordered a test sample and we feel one is necessary, we will ask you to purchase this product before proceeding with your order.

You can choose one of your Proofs and we'll make Test Sample for you. We will take some photos and email them to you.

Please note: the sample process could add an extra week to the production time.